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Yemeni Silver Amber Coral Necklace

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Antique original Yemeni Silver real natural amber and red coral Beads Bawsani necklace
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original ethnic Yemeni necklace made with a beautiful Bedouin silver hirz decorated with filigree, silver round beads and several strands of small natural amber and red coral Beads the central hirz. and the beads on this necklace are very old and made with silver, like the two long ending beads and The hirz and the other beads decorated with filigree are silver that came from a bridal dowry necklace made in Yemen in the early 1900s Measures:The length of the necklace is 30 inches long;The central hirz amulet measures:– 4''.5 wide x 1''.5 long the 4 round beads are 30mm x 26mm.measures: and the two long ending beads 2''.5 x 22mm.it weights:366.gr. I offer here some cultural background on the wedding customs of the nineteenth century in Yemen. The bridal dowry of that time was supposed to include as much silver as possible, because the dowry served the purpose that a nice large cash gift would serve in modern times. It was given partly as the bride price that the husband had paid and partly as a gift from the bride's family. The dowry was the woman's own household bank account and her insurance policy in case her husband was disabled or died before she did.
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