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Antique Ethiopian crescent shaped design Silver necklace and small bells from the Harrar people
Antique Ethiopia A beautiful crescent shaped design Silver necklace hung on a old silver chain. and A row of small bells are suspended from the bottom of the crescent. The surface of the crescent is covered with intricate incising, beading and looped wirework. The chain is hung from 5 loops which are attached to the crescent diamond-shaped plaques which are covered with rows of breaking. from the Harrar people decorated with granulation and small bells Early 20th century Beautiful crescent-shaped necklace The crescent-shaped design patterns are typical of Islam. A beautiful patina and a piece for collectors but also a pendant quite wearable Antique silver necklace made from coin silver come from Ethiopia where they were tribally worn and made by the Harar tribe as protective amulets to ward off the evil eye, promote fertility and to protect against the powers of the crescent moon.Very cool antique silver-silver chain 22'' long x 5mm diameter.measures 6" long by 9".5 wide 1'' thick weights 412 grams Wonderful! -Silver,old more than one hundred years Very rare and beautiful.with a stamp on it very heavy piece and wearable
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Ethiopian Crescent Shaped Design Silver Necklace