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Coral Amazonite Beads Multi-Strand Necklace

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Berber Antique Moroccan coral amazonite Beads Multi-Strand Necklace
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museum quality coral amazonite Berber necklace beautifully constructed out of a rich amalgam of antique coral Very old natural ancient amazonite beads and old coral beads Multi-Strand Necklace from Morocco Moroccan Berber beads genuine Fantastic Mauretanian traditional coral amazonite. Highly collectible. 3 strand Necklace The beads weight is 319 grams.26''strand the measurements for the exact size view.in the picture. Largest bead measures: 27mm Long (about 46mm) coral graduating from 27 x 46 mm to 12 x 27 mm the amazonite graduating from 22mm x 20mm to 11mm x 9mm
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