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Antique Coral Brass Pendants Necklace

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Antique Moroccan Berber rare Coral Necklace with Coral Brass pendants
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Antique Moroccan Berber rare Red Coral Necklace with Coral Brass pendants A strand of fabulous OLD definitely collectors item..This type of coral beads they are over 300 years old. Mediterranean coral from Morocco. Berber coral Necklace 21" in and 118.Grams with 1"5 long x 22mm Coral Brass pendants that is very rare and hard to find The Coral Beads are nice thick pieces.The sizes they start anywhere from.30mm x 15mm to 22mm x 11mm Average beads sizes they are very old beautiful beads Coral works on the layer of energy that lies close to the physical body. This layer is comprised of the vibrations or life essence, emitted by the body's cells. Coral helps one in their ability to cleanse, strengthen, repair and rebuild the structure that houses their life essence.
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