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Amazonite Stone Beads Mauritania

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Ancient strand of Amazonite Stone Beads 87gr Mauritania African Trade
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strand of Amazonite from Morocco with such a lovely shapes Mauritania excavated from the Sahara desert of Africa come in a variety of shades ranging from light green to amazing aqua blue. Amazonite beads have been prized throughout Africa for thousands of years due to the fact that blue and green were very important and valued ceremonial colors to may of the tribal peoples. These ancient stone beads were excavated form Mauritania and are thought to have been imported into Africa from the Indus Valley. The Indus Valley Civilization began around 2300 BC and developed in two major ancient city areas along the river valleys just beneath the Himalayan mountains in what is now know as Pakistan and Northeast India.The bead that you see is the exact one that you will be receiving.The Beads is a nice piece (see the photos) It is in good condition with age and use Nice mix of shapes and sizes, all with 2-3mm bow-drilled holes; sizes range from 11mm x 22mm diameter to a 17mm x 16mm diameter to 7mm x 11mm and Weight: 87 Strand measures (bead to bead) 17 inches.focal beads. Heavy and impressive!!! green tone of these amazonites is quite better than pics
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